NASA's rocket-powered light show sets fire to the night!

For close to two weeks now, NASA has been waiting for just the right moment to launch its Anomalous Transport Rocket Experiment (aka ATREX), a mission that will help us better understand the mysterious, high-altitude jet streams located at the edges of Earth's atmosphere. Early this morning, that moment finally came —… »3/27/12 2:00pm3/27/12 2:00pm

Here's how to catch NASA's rocket-powered light show tonight

NASA has scheduled an atmospheric light show for the wee hours of Wednesday morning, when the Agency intends to launch five sub-orbital rockets (complete with luminescent chemical tracers) in an experiment designed to test the flow of jet streams on the edge of space. Best of all? A good portion of the East Coast is… »3/20/12 3:50pm3/20/12 3:50pm

Witness the Moon's breathtaking 4.5-billion-year evolution in less than three minutes

When we gaze up at the Moon, we expect a certain degree of consistency. Sure, it moves through its phases, shifting in and out of darkness over the course of the month, but generally speaking, the Moon's surface looks the same to us — night after night, year after year. But the Moon has not always looked the way it… »3/14/12 4:20pm3/14/12 4:20pm