Your Build-Your-Own-Universe-Kit, Coming Soon

The trailer just came out for God's Puzzle, the new Takashi Miike film about identical twins who help a mysterious girl create a new universe. It looks as zany as you'd expect, but the visuals are also gorgeous. (As much as you can tell from the super low-res version Toei released. Sorry about picture quality.) » 4/07/08 12:14pm 4/07/08 12:14pm

Kids Build Their Own Universe In Takashi Miike's New Movie

Takashi Miike, the director best known for freaky horror films like Audition and One Missed Call, is going to channel Michel Gondry with a lighthearted romantic comedy that adapts a prize-winning novel by Shinji Kimoto. In God's Puzzle, a young slacker agrees to attend his identical twin's college classes for him. And… » 3/26/08 11:06am 3/26/08 11:06am