Japan's New Godzilla Is Going to Be a Special Effects First

Earlier this year, we learned that Japan’s resurrection of the Godzilla franchise would be in the hands Shinji Higuchi, who will be co-directing with Hideaki Anno. Higuchi’s already promising to use some brand new technology from his upcoming Attack on Titan live-action movie for Toho Studio’s Godzilla. » 8/11/15 3:00am 8/11/15 3:00am

Jurassic World Director Talks About That Infamous Running-In-Heels Scene

Jurassic World, out tomorrow, is getting praise for its awesome dinosaur action. But it’s also getting a lot of criticism for its characters, especially the way it handles Bryce Dallas Howard. We talked to director Colin Trevorrow about how to make a monster movie in the Age of Sharktopus.
» 6/11/15 2:28pm 6/11/15 2:28pm

This Gigantic Godzilla Figure Is A Wonderfully Chunky King Of Kaiju

When Godzilla came out last year, there were a lot of jokes about how the premiere Kaiju of the movie world had, errr... a bit of a weight problem. I didn’t particularly notice it, until this ginormous (and amazing looking) figure reminded me just how meaty old ‘Zilla was. » 4/29/15 10:00pm 4/29/15 10:00pm

Evangelion Creator Hideaki Anno To Co-Direct Japan's New Godzilla Movie

Although this news dropped in Japan yesterday, it does not appear to be any sort of April Fool’s Day nonsense. Variety is reporting that Toho Studios’ new Godzilla movie will be co-directed by anime legend Hideaki Anno, along with the art above. But it’s Godzilla’s other director that has us really excited. » 4/02/15 7:02am 4/02/15 7:02am

Six Series That Would Make Excellent Animated Films

Live Action adaptations seem to be all the rage these days, with Marvel Cinematic Universe and Cinderella being massive hits both financially and critically. However, let us not forget that animation adaptations can be just as good if not better than their live action counterparts (and if you still believe that… » 4/01/15 9:25pm 4/01/15 9:25pm

60 Years of the Godzilla Franchise in Infographics 

After the release of the Legendary Pictures "Godzilla" in the summer of 2014 a debate started in the fandom about Godzilla not appearing enough. But there was no actual data on how much time Godzilla appeared in any of his other films. Since this information didn't seem to be recorded anywhere I started a project… » 3/05/15 8:43am 3/05/15 8:43am