Postie Is Back! More Heroes Webisodes Coming Your Way

Oh joy, NBC is coming back with more Heroes » 9/17/08 8:20am 9/17/08 8:20am , and it's about time. I've missed my poorly written postal yelly friend, his overly-attractive-for-a-Postman girlfriend and . According to Heroes Spoilers, NBC is having a casting call for new webisodes. Which shocks me, because I can't believe they used actual actors for…

A Deadly Mailman, In New Heroes Webisodes

Your favorite mutant soap opera Heroes won't be back until fall, but you can get a few new hits of superpowered angst this month. The show is running a three-part miniseries of "webisodes" online, starting this Monday, called "Going Postal." They don't include any indestructible cheerleaders or brain-eating teddy… » 7/08/08 10:45am 7/08/08 10:45am