The Science Fiction Publisher That's Helping to Bring Back a Classic…

Recently a Kickstarter campaign launched for Elite: Dangerous, a sequel to the classic 1980s space game Elite. The campaign, which ends later today, was seeking £1.25 million — but it got more than that amount, and £13,000 came via Gollancz, the venerable science fiction publisher, which bought the rights to do a book… » 1/04/13 11:59am 1/04/13 11:59am

SF Gateway puts tons of out-of-print SF classics online as e-books

The great British SF publisher Gollancz has launched a new "digital SFF library," called SF Gateway, which will make thousands of out-of-print SF classics available as e-books. It launches this fall, and will be integrated with the online launch of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. » 7/26/11 8:30am 7/26/11 8:30am

Veteran British SF editor launches her own book imprint

Jo Fletcher has spent 16 years at Gollancz as associate publisher, working with Arthur C. Clarke, Ursula K. Le Guin, Terry Pratchett and many others. Now she's launching her own imprint, Jo Fletcher Books, at Quercus Publishing. Art: Chris Moore. » 11/26/10 6:30am 11/26/10 6:30am