George RR Martin Moves From Killing Fictional Characters To Real People

No longer satisfied with murdering the characters in his beloved A Song of Ice and Fire books, George R.R. Martin has now set his sights on murdering a Facebook employee named David Goldblatt after he donated $20,000 to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary to be killed off in an upcoming GRRM novel. » 6/13/14 6:30am 6/13/14 6:30am

The Walking Dead‘s Merle is even more terrifying in a Boba Fett outfit

The Course of the Force's relay lightsaber is still missing, and Matt Mira's been forced to call in the scum of the galaxy: bounty hunters. All I'm saying is if you don't want to see Michael Rooker playing a Merle/Boba Fett combo or The Wonder Years' Danica McKellar in a Boushh disguise, we can't be friends anymore. » 7/01/13 3:00pm 7/01/13 3:00pm