Which DC Comics Character Has The Most Ridiculous New Costume?

DC has refreshed its stable of comics once again, putting its characters in new situations— and most of them have gotten a new look to celebrate. But as usual with superhero makeovers, some are less successful than others. So we’re going to put on our fashion-hats and rate what’s hot and what’s not in the DC Universe! » 6/25/15 1:24pm Thursday 1:24pm

The Supreme Court Just Made a Ruling Full of Spider-Man Jokes

The Supreme Court settled a long-running patent case titled Kimble V. Marvel Entertainment. It was basically about patent holders and licensing fees, which isn’t that fun, but Justice Elena Kagan wrote the court’s opinion on the case, which was fun — mainly because she filled it with Spider-Man jokes. » 6/22/15 11:45am 6/22/15 11:45am

Are Geologists Able To Drill To The Center Of The Earth?

“Are geologists... better than engineers? ... able to drill to the center of the Earth? ... the sexiest man [sic] alive?” Geologist Miles Traer (previously here & here) typed “Are geologists...” into Google then used the rest of the alphabet and auto-complete to finish the questions. He then did his best to answer… » 6/11/15 10:30am 6/11/15 10:30am

Ackbar's 11 Is The Ocean's 11/Star Wars Mashup We Didn't Know We Needed

It’s been 18 years since Kevin Rubio combined combined Star Wars and COPS to give us the classic Internet video TROOPS. Now he’s back in the Star Wars mashup game, this time replacing the audio from the plot to destroy the Death Star with dialogue from the 2001 remake of Ocean’s Eleven — and it’s pretty perfect. » 6/10/15 1:25pm 6/10/15 1:25pm

The Only Darth-Vader-In-A-Holiday-Sweater Ornament You Will Ever Need

No matter what holiday (if any) you celebrate ‘round December, Hallmark’s “Holiday Darth Vader,” available in October, is something to behold. According to the description, “The Dark Lord ornament will sense your movement and deliver a Christmas message.” It’s one of several geeky releases for 2015. » 5/16/15 12:55pm 5/16/15 12:55pm