Did Google Earth capture shots of a clandestine military anti-grav…

Though it would be cool if they were a secret Chinese anti-grav technology, these surreal roadscapes are in fact an image-mapping glitch. Just like those undersea "signs of Atlantis" were, and those ghosts in Google Street View. » 1/10/13 6:11pm 1/10/13 6:11pm

Google launches underwater Street View, blows everyone's goddamn mind

Google has rolled out some damn impressive additions to its ouvre of street-viewable locales over the last few months, including Kennedy Space Center, the Amazon Rainforest and Antarctica, but this may be the most spectacular of them yet. Working in collaboration with The Catlin Seaview Survey, the company has released … » 9/27/12 7:10am 9/27/12 7:10am

This is what the 'Google pyramid' looks like from up close

Early last month we told you about the satellite archaeologist who thought she discovered lost Egyptian pyramids using Google Earth. Well, it turns out that the structures may not be pyramids — but they still have archeological significance, in any case. » 9/05/12 10:40am 9/05/12 10:40am

A virtual Morrissey is on the loose in Google Earth

If you use Google Earth to look up the Salfords Lads Club in Manchester, England, you'll find a famously coiffed squatter in this virtual world. Punch in "St Ignatius Walk, M5 3RX" on 3D Buildings mode and you'll see a pixelated incarnation of Morrissey, The Smiths' loud-mouthed pontificator, forever standing smugly. » 1/02/12 6:40am 1/02/12 6:40am