Teehan+Lax releases easy-to-use hyperlapse tool, blows everyone's goddamn mind

Have you ever been clicking along a particularly stunning stretch of road in Google Street View and thought: damn, how awesome it would be if you could stitch all these individual images together and turn them into a video? Well... sit down. Clear your schedule. There's something you need to see. »4/10/13 3:27pm4/10/13 3:27pm

Weirdo Google Street View scenes invade the realm of high art

The roving cameras of Google Street View has archived all manner of accidental weirdness. Artist Jon Rafman has assiduously documented the strangest sights Google's cameras have captured in the company's quest to provide a navigable facsimile of reality. Indeed, tucked between the boring shots of roads and homes are… »8/02/12 10:55am8/02/12 10:55am