Gossip is basically only thing holding society together, says science

Gossip is generally seen as malicious, something that destroys relationships and reputations alike with a deadly mix of garbled half-truths and outright lies. But did you ever stop to consider all the good that gossip does? » 1/17/12 5:30pm 1/17/12 5:30pm

Gossip shapes the way you see the world

If you get a bad reputation, you're going to get noticed. That little bit of homespun wisdom might actually become a verifiable scientific fact, as new research indicates people really do prefer to look at people with bad reputations. » 12/05/11 12:40pm 12/05/11 12:40pm

Cruel Thomas Dolby Starts A New Hope With Star Wars Movie Rumors

One brief mention in the blog of composer Thomas Dolby, who worked on George Lucas' Howard The Duck, and heads start spinning. We know there's a live-action Star Wars television series in the works, but a new movie? Go on... » 12/10/09 8:00am 12/10/09 8:00am

Michael Bay... Prevents Bayhem?

Megan Fox dishes on Michael Bay, the crew of Transformers dish back (and then some) and Bay himself turns out to be the calm voice of reason? WTF? Everything we know is wrong! » 9/13/09 10:30am 9/13/09 10:30am

Secret Real Life Fringe Marriage Fuses Co-Stars Together For Life

Fringe co-stars are now forever united in love and J.J. Abramsness. Aw, I love it when people on TV who I think I know but don't get married. Shoot first and ask questions later character Olivia Dunham played by Anna Torv married her on-camera dead-brain lover John Scott (Mark Valley) in December of last year. We wish… » 2/04/09 3:00pm 2/04/09 3:00pm