You'll Never Guess Which Doctor Who Character Is Coming Back!

When Bill Clinton chose "Don't Stop Thinking About The Future" as his campaign theme song, you know he was really telling you to consume spoilers and obsessively glean info about every upcoming storyline in your favorite movies and TV shows. Right? He would want you to get an early glimpse at the characters from the … »7/10/08 9:00am7/10/08 9:00am

Samuel L. Jackson's Iron Man Cameo Is Already Online

People have already uploaded crappy cameraphone copies of Samuel L. Jackson's notorious cameo in Iron Man, and we wouldn't be able to call ourselves spoiler maniacs if we didn't post a copy here. Our spoiler pride also drove us to dig up some new X-Files 2 details and pore over some pretty spoilery new Indiana Jones »5/02/08 9:00am5/02/08 9:00am