Watch this stunning lunar flyby taken shortly before GRAIL's planned impact

On December 17 of last year, the NASA GRAIL mission came to a close when the Ebb spacecraft that had been orbiting the moon crashed into a mountain near its north pole. Three days prior to this planned impact, two cameras aboard the spacecraft took a series of images — now, NASA has stitched together the photos to… »1/16/13 9:40am1/16/13 9:40am


NASA's GRAIL Mission returns jaw-dropping maps of the Moon, unprecedented findings

Not since we laid eyes on these stunning, Jackson Pollock-esque astrogeological maps have we seen lunar cartography this gorgeous. These colorful, remarkably detailed maps of the Moon's surface are just some of the early data collected by NASA's Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) mission — findings… »12/06/12 1:30pm12/06/12 1:30pm