Everything Old Is New Again On Smallville

Last night's Smallville » 9/26/08 3:17pm 9/26/08 3:17pm managed the impressive feat of simultaneously feel like an episode of the first few seasons of the show with their "meteor freak of the week" format while also demonstrating how far (some) characters have come in the last few years of the series. They also introduced the hunky new medic who's…

Bow Down Before The Greatest Dominatrixes Of Science

Click to viewIn the new Indiana Jones movie, opening Thursday, Cate Blanchett wears kinky boots and gets Indy under her thumb in more ways than one. But is she actually the greatest dominatrix in science fiction history? We decided to see how Cate stacks up against the classics of the genre, from the villain of Devil… » 5/19/08 4:54pm 5/19/08 4:54pm