​Don't Miss Grant Morrison's Other Mind-Blowing Comic Book Epic

Still have a few firing synapses after trying to wrap your head around Grant Morrison's unified theory of DC that is Multiversity? Then you'd best not miss out on Annihilator, in which fiction and non-fiction collide — and a struggling writer must keep his mind and the universe from imploding! » 9/09/14 2:40pm 9/09/14 2:40pm

The Ultimate Tour Of The DC Universe And Grant Morrison's Multiversity

Grant Morrison's more-insanely-epic-than-usual DC project Multiversity begins today, which will try to tie pretty much every single part of every single DC universe into one coherent whole. This video is the best explanation of what Morrison's trying to accomplish I've seen so far — it's definitely worth a watch. » 8/20/14 1:40pm 8/20/14 1:40pm

Clockwork Cylons? Looks Like Battlestar Galactica Just Got Steampunked

Yes, Battlestar Galactica has officially been has gone from 1980 to 1880 in Dynamite's new comic. Plus Grant Morrison takes control of DC's multiverse, Valiant's Archer and Armstrong meet their match in Quantum & Woody, and so much more, all in this week's comics. » 8/19/14 4:00pm 8/19/14 4:00pm

Grant Morrison claims Alan Moore secretly killed the Joker in 1988

Grant Morrison delivered a bit of a mindfuck on Wednesday. Strangely, he didn't do it in one of his own comics, but by revealing the secret end of Alan Moore's seminal Batman graphic novel The Killing Joke — namely, that Batman actually murders the Joker at the end. » 8/16/13 1:23pm 8/16/13 1:23pm

Read the story that made Grant Morrison a star in This Week's Comics

It's hard to remember, but there was once a time when Grant Morrison wasn't known for mind-boggling superhero comics. In fact, there was a time before he was known at all — which changed immediately after DC gave him the reins to Animal Man in 1988. The first awesome Omnibus of Morrison's seminal (and quite insane)… » 7/30/13 3:20pm 7/30/13 3:20pm

Fear of a Black Superman?

I hate to say it, but the Postman is bringing the controversy in this week’s “Postal Apocalypse.” Do you dare to find out the answer to this sensitive question: Does Doctor Who suck? » 7/10/13 8:40am 7/10/13 8:40am

Will the fate of Zuko's mom from Avatar: The Last Airbender finally be…

A 15-year-old kid and a raccoon have to save the universe! A treasure hunter is possessed by Sherlock Holmes, Merlin and Dracula! Grant Morrison says goodbye to Superman! And the most burining question in all of The Last Airbender fandom may finally be answered, all in this week's comics! » 3/19/13 2:30pm 3/19/13 2:30pm

DC would like you to know Robin is gonna die this week in Batman, Inc.

My apologies for the lack of a spoiler warning, but DC has gone out of its way to let comics fans know that, if they pick up Grant Morrison's Batman, Inc. #8 this Wednesday, they will read about the death of Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne's assassin-trained son and the current Robin. The news was announced earlier today… » 2/25/13 7:00am 2/25/13 7:00am

An exclusive preview of Grant Morison's penultimate issue of Action…

The young Superman of Action Comics is almost done with Grant Morrison, but Grant Morrison's not quite done with him. In our exclusive preview of Action Comics #17 due out out Wednesday) — the second-to-last of Morrison's run, Morrison puts Supers through two very bad days, one in his past, and the other... uh... in… » 2/18/13 9:20am 2/18/13 9:20am

Does Grant Morrison know the secret of the Wu-Tang Clan?

At New York Comic Con, io9 met up with famed comic scribe Grant Morrison. We picked his brain about such topics as the RZA, Batman and Superman's S&M games, and that time Wonder Woman built a sneaky sculpture of herself out of cured ham. » 10/12/12 1:05pm 10/12/12 1:05pm

A first look at the schedule of MorrisonCon, Grant Morrison's own gonzo…

From September 28-30, Las Vegas will be the host to MorrisonCon, a three-day comics and culture convention curated by none other than author Grant Morrison. Morrison — who's scripted such acclaimed comics as The Invisibles, We3, and Flex Mentallo — has not only assembled an impressive roster of comic talent, he's also… » 8/29/12 6:30am 8/29/12 6:30am

The Biggest Winners and Losers of Comic Con 2012!

Comic Con is the pop culture Thunderdome. Every year, studios bring dozens of their massively expensive properties to the San Diego Convention Center, and only some will emerge with victory. Comic Con can't make or break a project — but it can generate tons of buzz, which is a priceless commodity. So which movies and… » 7/16/12 1:20pm 7/16/12 1:20pm

Grant Morrison shows off his first teaser trailer for Dinosaurs Vs.…

The baffling movie project Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens has a lot of hurdles to get over before they can win us totally over. For starters, how can dinosaurs fight aliens without any opposable thumbs or language? The insanity behind this project however captures our intrigue. » 7/09/12 7:15am 7/09/12 7:15am

Don't worry: Grant Morrison's Dinosaurs vs. Aliens won't be a silent…

We're beyond excited for Grant Morrison and Barry Sonnenfeld's prehistoric battle royale movie Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens. We got a few new details on the project while chatting with Sonnenfeld about his latest movie MIB3. Find out where this project is in Hollywood right now, and exactly how the audience is going to… » 5/22/12 8:18am 5/22/12 8:18am

Grant Morrison says Batman is gay, internet basically shrugs

Ever since the days of Fredric Wertham, people have been pointing out the homoerotic elements in Batman. There are hundreds of GIFs of Batman in his pink costume, or that famous scene where all the other DC heroes worry about their girlfriends, and Batman worries about Robin. There's even a Wikipedia entry on… » 4/29/12 1:00pm 4/29/12 1:00pm

Science Fiction and Fantasy Creators Who Became Their Own Genres

Some people don't just create new worlds and super-memorable characters — they give life to their own genres. There are some creators of fantastical stories whose work is so distinctive, you have a pretty good sense what's going to happen when you pick up their work — and you're excited, because it's going to be a… » 4/18/12 9:00am 4/18/12 9:00am

Holy Muscle Mystery, Flex Mentallo is finally back in print!

What's in stores this Wednesday? A graphic novel everyone assumed would never be reprinted, the first installment of Avengers Vs. X-Men, and an Alan Moore comic that has been shelved for more than a decade. Definitely not your average Wednesday! » 4/03/12 9:30am 4/03/12 9:30am

Phonogram, our fave comic about magicians channeling Madonna records,…

In artist Jamie McKelvie and author Kieron Gillen's Image Comics series Phonogram, a group of British magicians draw their supernatural powers from pop music LPs ranging from Pulp to Robyn to Dexys Midnight Runners. It's a sleek and clever comic with two volumes — Rue Britannia and The Singles Club — and has also been… » 2/27/12 1:20pm 2/27/12 1:20pm

In this week's comics, Grant Morrison writes The Avengers (the other

In this week's comics, Grant Morrison puts him imprimatur on The Avengers, but not the ones you expect. On a similar albeit unrelated note, Brian Michael Bendis is also writing Marvel's Avengers (above), wherein Storm joins the team. Let's see what else is on the shelves Wednesday. » 1/17/12 9:55am 1/17/12 9:55am

DC launches second wave of New 52 comics, including one by China…

At one point, Kraken and Embassytown author China Miéville penned a Swamp Thing comic that ended up in the dustbin (he also had written an Iron Man pitch, but that's an entirely different story). » 1/12/12 6:35am 1/12/12 6:35am