Meet the scientific accident that could change the world

Last year, researchers at UCLA made a rather fantastic, if serendipitous, discovery. A team of scientists led by chemist Richard Kaner had just finished devising an efficient method for producing high-quality sheets of the Nobel-prize winning supermaterial known as graphene... with a consumer-grade DVD drive. That… »2/26/13 3:40pm2/26/13 3:40pm

This video shows why two-dimensional wonder material graphene is about to change everything

There's little doubt that graphene is set to be the next big thing in materials technology. At a mere one atom thick, it is incredibly flexible, eternally stretchy, conductive, and self-cooling. And as time passes, we are truly getting a better sense of the possibilities, including such things as video screens as… »10/10/12 5:40pm10/10/12 5:40pm

How to turn a box of girl scout cookies into 15 billion dollars

This video shows how, just by rearranging some carbon atoms, a $5 box of Girl Scout cookies becomes a $15 billion hunk of industrial material. In fact, rearranging the atoms of just about any old carbon source — including a standard pencil lead — into thin sheets of carbon atoms called graphene can turn a pretty… »8/05/11 10:20am8/05/11 10:20am