A real-life swarm of flying robots, right out of a 1980s arcade game

The quadrotors of the University of Pennsylvania's GRASP Laboratory are all sorts of amazing (even when they're crashing). But this new footage of these futuristic bots hearkens back to something more retro — the pixelated shooters of arcades yore. » 2/01/12 6:45am 2/01/12 6:45am

Engineers teach $400,000 robot to autonomously clean up turds

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania's GRASP Lab have taught Willow Garage's PR2 robot to identify feces based on color, confront the offending substances, and dispose of them in a state-of-the-art plastic bucket. And judging from this video, UPenn gave GRASP a blank check for their fake excrement budget. » 10/17/11 12:55pm 10/17/11 12:55pm