Watch as SpaceX's Grasshopper scares the crap out of a herd of cattle

SpaceX has released a new video of last month's remarkable Grasshopper test flight in which the reusable rocket performed an incredible 300-foot lateral maneuver. The zoomed-out view puts the feat into better perspective — while also showing how effective the rocket is at terrifying the local livestock. » 9/09/13 7:20am 9/09/13 7:20am

Dammit, Grasshopper, stop being so amazing already

SpaceX's Grasshopper is even more impressive than you probably realized – and that's saying something. While previous test flights have demonstrated the reusable launch vehicle's ability to lift hundreds of meters straight into the air before returning gracefully to Earth, yesterday's launch proved the rocket capable… » 8/14/13 1:20pm 8/14/13 1:20pm