Superhero bromances sealed with a fist-bump

Science fiction and superhero stories are brimming with bromances, and artist Henry Bonsu celebrates male bonding with dynamic duos of fist-bumping friends. [Henry the Worst via ComicsAlliance] » 9/24/11 9:00am 9/24/11 9:00am

Vote for the greatest science fiction theme song of all time

Welcome to the first io9 music smackdown! We're putting together the ultimate science fiction (and fantasy) playlist — all the music that everyone should have on his or her iPod. » 8/31/11 4:26pm 8/31/11 4:26pm

Watch Tiffany and Debbie Gibson cat-fight (and hunt giant monsters!)

What television has to offer this week: the U.S. debut of time-traveling soap opera Being Erica. The return of Supernatural, Archer and Smallville. Tiffany and Debbie Gibson have a pie-fight, and still somehow cope with a Mega-Python and a Gatoroid. » 1/24/11 9:00am 1/24/11 9:00am

Green Hornet debuts #1 at the box office, hauls in $34 million

Despite bad buzz, critical drubbings, and the fact that it was exiled to the cinematic hinterlands of January for having a name too similar to The Green Lantern, The Green Hornet grossed $34 million and $16 million overseas this weekend. » 1/16/11 7:00pm 1/16/11 7:00pm

The Green Hornet is the rare stoner superhero movie that you can enjoy…

Imagine if you crossed Cheech and Chong's 1970s stoner masterpiece Up In Smoke with the gadget-enhanced asskickery of Batman Begins. Sounds like it could never work, right? But Seth Rogen's Green Hornet proves that it does. And it's surprisingly awesome. » 1/14/11 12:09pm 1/14/11 12:09pm

The forgotten history of Green Hornet

The new Green Hornet movie is a goofy superhero send-up. But the franchise has a serious past. Dig into some Hornet history and learn how its heroes went from radio and comics to TV, and finally to Seth Rogen. » 1/13/11 4:59pm 1/13/11 4:59pm

Michel Gondry's new technique that could change the superhero movie…

When Sony announced that Michel Gondry was directing Green Hornet, many people joked that the superhero flick would be composed of cardboard and twine. But instead, Gondry treated the audience to a new POV-style of superhero ass-kicking: the awesome Kato-Vision. » 1/13/11 12:11pm 1/13/11 12:11pm

Behemoth: Syfy's biggest, craziest monster movie yet!

Screw Sharktopus. Frak Mansquito. This Saturday, Syfy has a planet-sized kaiju: Behemoth! Also, this week's television is weirdly obsessed with mega-earthquakes. Alyson Hannigan joins The Simpsons. Jeff Bridges meets a flying blow-up doll. Plus Adventure Time, V and Clone Wars. » 1/10/11 9:00am 1/10/11 9:00am

Will 2011 be the year that superheroes break out of their same old…

There are more superhero films coming in 2011 than in the past few years put together — but will they all be cookie-cutter super-adventures, or something a bit wilder and more different? Could this be the year superheroes stretch out? » 1/06/11 4:08pm 1/06/11 4:08pm

The io9 Calendar: The Ultimate Guide To Everything Awesome in January

Greet the new year by discovering new worlds. January brings tons of conventions, plus the return of all your television favorites, the Green Hornet movie, and new books from Carol Emschwiller and Gene Wolfe. Discover the future — today! » 12/30/10 1:04pm 12/30/10 1:04pm

A Joss Whedon favorite might be Edgar Wright's Ant-Man, and is there…

A crazy new rumor suggests a Firefly alum really will be Edgar Wright's Ant-Man...just not the one everyone has assumed. Plus the X-Men might be donning their traditional costumes, and a troubled starlet might join The Avengers. Spoilers all around! » 12/27/10 6:00am 12/27/10 6:00am

Early Green Hornet reviews rate the superhero as frazzled, but fun

The closer we get to Green Hornet's release date, the better the buzz gets. True, it's still being labeled it a hodgepodge mess, but most early viewers at least thought it was fun. Check out our round-up of early reviews. » 12/22/10 11:34am 12/22/10 11:34am

Robot Chicken Star Wars returns! Plus the Big Bang Theory crew as the…

This week's television rules! There's the long-awaited Robot Chicken Star Wars special. Henry Rollins wants to know if you have the "warrior gene." Big Bang Theory does the JLA! Plus live(ish) comedy from Ricky Gervais, Jeff Bridges...and Monty Python. » 12/13/10 9:00am 12/13/10 9:00am

This Green Hornet fast food tie-in is deeply disturbing

I keep spotting this Green Hornet-themed ad for fast-food chain Carl's Jr. when I'm fast-forwarding through commercials, and thinking it's a new trailer for the Michel Gondry-directed superhero romp. And then I see the fast-foody horribleness, and my heart sinks. » 12/09/10 1:44pm 12/09/10 1:44pm

An awesome Superman casting rumor, plus a key Transformer spotted in…

The latest Superman rumor will have you breaking out the early morning Scotch and cigarettes in celebration. See Green Lantern's star-crossed lovers, and hear what Deadpool will have to say. David Fincher tells us what's cool about Jules Verne. Spoilerage! » 7/29/10 6:00am 7/29/10 6:00am

Free hand jobs and superhero cows: Comic Con Badvertising!

Every year Comic Con bulldozes attendees with thousands of advertisements. And while many marketing campaigns are exceptionally clever, a few are just epic fail. Here are the best of the worst of comic con's badvertising. » 7/27/10 1:39pm 7/27/10 1:39pm

The biggest winners and losers of Comic Con 2010

Everybody says San Diego Comic Con can make or break a project, and we saw it happening first-hand at SDCC 2010. Here's our list of the projects that gained supercharged buzz at SDCC... plus a few that lost some buzz. » 7/26/10 3:56pm 7/26/10 3:56pm