How Green Screen Worked Before Computers

Tom Scott's back, this time giving us a lesson about the history of green screen, and how you did it when all you had to work with was film or video. » 2/04/15 11:55am 2/04/15 11:55am

Roger Rabbit VFX Video Shows How Masterful Bob Hoskins' Acting Was

We were saddened to learn that Who Framed Roger Rabbit? star Bob Hoskins passed away last night, and this video shows just how game an actor Hoskins was—turning himself into a human cartoon as he acted against a blue screen. » 4/30/14 10:30am 4/30/14 10:30am

Amazing Video: The Great Gatsby Stripped of Greenscreen Effects

Could The Great Gatsby be one of the year's most special effects-heavy films? This VFX sizzle reel certainly makes it look that way. » 6/28/13 11:35am 6/28/13 11:35am

7 cool special effects ILM created for The Last Airbender

The Last Airbender will carve a new path in visual effects, showing you things no movie ever has: water tentacles and gusts of fire. We visited Industrial Light and Magic, and saw what every other movie will be copying soon. » 6/21/10 2:40pm 6/21/10 2:40pm

Watch How Green Screens Are Ruining Or Saving Television

We're stunned by Stargate Studios' demo reel, which basically breaks down all their TV green-screen trickery. Everything our TVs show us is a lie. Everything! It's unnerving how much actual scenery green screens have replaced on television. [via EW] » 2/22/10 10:00am 2/22/10 10:00am

Computer Tracking System Revolutionizes Green Screens

One of the most challenging aspects of filmmaking is matching shots against green-screens, with backgrounds added in post-production. Now, Roomba co-creator Eliot Mack has devised a way to integrate the virtual backdrops seamlessly with scenes as they are shot. » 1/11/10 10:30am 1/11/10 10:30am

Sanctuary DVD Will Take You Behind the Monster-Hunting Green Screen

Missed the first season of Syfy's series starring monster hunters and protectors, Bigfoot, and a vampire Nikola Tesla? The upcoming Sanctuary DVD set features all 13 episodes from the show's first season, as well as the eight original webisodes used to sell the series to Syfy. Plus, one of three "making of"… » 8/19/09 3:00pm 8/19/09 3:00pm

Tonight's Sanctuary Premiere Is Green, But Green's Good

Sanctuary » 10/03/08 10:01am 10/03/08 10:01am, the new series from producers Damian Kindler and Martin Wood premieres tonight at 9 p.m. the SciFi Channel. Starring Amanda Tapping, the show concerns itself with all the creatures you were afraid to see in your bedroom when you opened those cute little eyes of yours. We got a sneak peak at the two-hour…

Monkeybone Hatred Reigns in "Meet the Creators" Panel for "Journey to…

At the panel about Journey to the Center of the Earth, Brendan Fraser was on hand, along with producer Charlotte Huggins, "3D expert" Ed Marsh. Brendan Fraser spent most of the time extolling the virtues of James Cameron's new Fusion camera system, which they used to make this. Despite being sick, Fraser spent a lot… » 2/23/08 11:00am 2/23/08 11:00am

Amanda Tapping Creates A Safe Space For Mutants To Just Be Themselves

Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG-1) plays the protector of downtrodden monsters in Sanctuary, soon to appear on the Sci Fi Channel. Her character, Dr. Helen Magnus, is a "cryptozoologist" who creates the Sanctuary Institute to protect and study the mutants that skulk around her future dystopian city. Sanctuary is the first » 1/31/08 6:30am 1/31/08 6:30am

Speed Racer Will Be All Fake Except The Monkey

Direct-to-Web Show Is All Greenscreen

Can a hi-def sci-fi show succeed by going direct to the Web? Stage 3 Media is gambling that it can. In an interview at VIdFest in Vancouver, Stage 3 CEO Damien Kindler talks up the audacious gamble that is Sanctuary. Sanctuary is the highest budget direct-to-Web show ever, and the first show to be made entirely using… » 10/05/07 10:37am 10/05/07 10:37am