A huge reservoir of meltwater has been discovered beneath Greenland

Scientists working in Greenland have discovered an extensive aquifer of meltwater that sits under the Greenland ice sheet all year round — but it's not known if this reservoir, which is about the size of Ireland, will ever make its way to the ocean. » 12/23/13 8:40am 12/23/13 8:40am

NASA launches beautiful interactive gallery in recognition of Earth…

April is Earth month. To drum up public interest in both understanding and sustaining the planet, NASA has launched a great interactive image gallery that explores "Earth Science Highlights" in the form of stunning photographs and visualizations. » 4/02/13 7:20am 4/02/13 7:20am

Watch the biggest iceberg break-up ever captured on film

Ho-lee-crap. You're looking at the largest iceberg calving ever recorded — a whopping 7.4 cubic km (that's 1.77 mi3) hunk of ice, detaching itself from Greenland's Ilulissat glacier — captured by filmmaker James Balog. It's just one of the scenes in Balog's forthcoming film Chasing Ice, and it is remarkable to behold. » 12/13/12 11:09am 12/13/12 11:09am

Greenland's Ice Sheet Melting Faster than We've Ever Seen

It was just yesterday when we showed you what would happen if you got too close to a melting glacier in Greenland — a disturbing glimpse of what's becoming a regular fixture in that part of the world. And now, as we find ourselves having to endure yet another scorchingly hot July, new data from NASA indicates that… » 7/25/12 1:30pm 7/25/12 1:30pm

How many groups reached the Americas before Christopher Columbus?

In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in what is now the Bahamas, changing the world forever. But was he first non-indigenous person to reach the Americas? Vikings got there before him, and possibly Polynesians too...and those are just the sane theories. » 3/30/11 9:22am 3/30/11 9:22am

Would a near extinction event spur an interest in space travel?

What do Viking colonies teach us about space colonization? The former offers a dire lesson about why the latter may become necessary. Paul Gilster of Centauri Dreams discusses the circumstances that could force humanity to avoid a "planetary Greenland." » 1/02/11 7:30am 1/02/11 7:30am