This manga-inspired Greenpeace video borrows from Hunger Games to get its point across

Greenpeace has released a new video as part of its ongoing Detox campaign — what is an edgy and completely new look for the environmentalist organization. And as you'll see, the video is really well done — a dystopian-infused call-to-action that unabashedly intertwines a Hunger Games motif with an anime flair. But… » 12/05/12 1:27pm 12/05/12 1:27pm

The deranged 1989 Swamp Thing PSA, wherein our hero berates children

Around the time The Return of the Swamp Thing hit theaters in 1989, the mossy hero collaborated with Greenpeace on this bizarre anti-littering public service announcement. I'm pretty sure Swamp Thing used his eco-powers to transform those children into peat mummies once the cameras stopped rolling. » 2/15/12 8:25am 2/15/12 8:25am