The Best Mecha Kaiju Ever. That Is All.

Concept artist Greg Broadmore, creator of Doctor Grordbort and many fine creatures for Peter Jackson's Weta Studios, has done it again. He's created a monster so blisteringly awesome that it almost defies words. Meet the MECHA-HOP. I love the way its spine looks like a bike chain. » 6/30/14 4:59pm 6/30/14 4:59pm

After the war, dinosaurs returned to New Zealand

If you venture far out into the forests, you'll find something more massive than the old, rusting tanks and radiation zone containment bobbles. Locals call them dinosaurs. They're an evolutionary curveball we never expected. » 3/29/13 6:31pm 3/29/13 6:31pm

Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Alien Who Came to the Birthday Party

Just because you're an H.R. Giger-inspired alien from another planet, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a children's birthday party. Or does it? Is this extraterrestrial here as a conqueror or just here to party? It's up to you. » 8/04/12 12:00pm 8/04/12 12:00pm

Dr. Grordbort, big-game alien hunter extraordinaire, finally gets his…

We've been following the savage world of Dr. Grordbort and his wonderful collection of ray guns for years. But now we're happy to report that the good doctor finally has his own short. » 2/20/12 9:10am 2/20/12 9:10am

Tintin on the Moon, as Recreated by Weta's Greg Broadmore

This is one of our all-time favorite Tintin scenes — Professor Calculus nearly getting run over by Captain Haddock's Lunar tank. And this tribute to Herge's original art was created by none other than Weta's Greg Broadmore, creator of the amazing Dr. Grordbort. Consider us over the Moon. » 1/10/12 12:00pm 1/10/12 12:00pm

This short trailer has some of the best mecha design we've seen outside…

You've probably never heard of K3loid, a new short movie about humans hunting for a rogue artificial intelligence — but the list of people involved with this project is pretty amazing. Including mecha suits designed by Aaron Beck and Weta's Greg Broadmore. And music remixed by Amon Tobin. The actual storyline looks… » 12/09/11 6:30am 12/09/11 6:30am

Weta Workshop's steampunk battle on Venus deserves to be a whole movie

Ready your man-melters and infallible aether oscillators! It's time to crush the Venusian heathens once and for all. Weta Workshop released a new animated promo for Dr. Grordbort's amazing steampunk rayguns and other super-advanced tools of space Empire. » 3/11/11 8:30am 3/11/11 8:30am

Just a little flaming dinosaur to brighten your day

Greg Broadmore, Weta concept artist and creator of Dr. Grodbort's world of steampunkery, whipped up this excellent Flamosaurus earlier this week. Just a little reminder things can be awesome, even if you've had a long week. [via King of Fatboss] » 12/09/10 7:53am 12/09/10 7:53am

Can You Update Pulp Science Fiction Without Being F-ed Up?

The pulp science fiction renaissance has begun. Edgar Rice Burroughs and E.E. "Doc" Smith both have Hollywood blockbusters in the pipeline. The Burroughs-inspired Avatar broke DVD sales records. But can today's creators update pulp storylines without including the cultural baggage? » 4/30/10 6:22pm 4/30/10 6:22pm

The City Poses Many Dangers For Giant Robots

How often do you find yourself rounding a corner to discover a giant robot is collapsing in the street? This is one of those giant robot tragedies that happens more often than you realize, especially in cities. » 2/01/10 8:30am 2/01/10 8:30am

District 9's Aliens Could Have Looked Much, Much Weirder

If you thought the stranded aliens in District 9 looked disturbing in the film, just check out some of the designs designer David Meng came up with first. New concept art also includes guns, spaceships, and more creepy signs. » 10/16/09 11:59am 10/16/09 11:59am

District 9's Alien Ship Is One Beautiful Space Mess

It may be a broken-down space wreck housing a mess of aliens rolling about in their own filth, but District 9's mothership sure is a beauty. This newly-released concept art from Greg Broadmore shows the ship in full, trashed glory. » 9/21/09 7:30am 9/21/09 7:30am

The Savage World of Doctor Grordbort

In a pulpy alternate universe, a great inventor named Doctor Grordbort is selling ray guns and rockets to colonize the solar system. We went to New Zealand and interviewed the artist who created Grordbort's world. » 2/20/09 8:04pm 2/20/09 8:04pm

Greg Broadmore: Friend to Rayguns

Welcome to The Jewels of Apator, Ann & Jeff VanderMeer's bimonthly column on the intersection of art and the fantastic. Self-described "dinosaur nerd" and "friend to robots" Greg Broadmore recently wrote and illustrated Dr. Grordborts Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory-a serious critical study of the excesses of… » 7/25/08 9:00am 7/25/08 9:00am