Ridley Scott aims to fill AMC with high-concept television

You've already heard of the snow Thing-esque drama, The Terror, that Ridley Scott is producing with Scott Free TV for AMC, but now his other secret projects are being revealed. Including one project set in the future, and another that will "bend the arc of history," whatever that means. » 5/01/13 3:44pm 5/01/13 3:44pm

Nude Zombies And Undead Radiohead: 10 Fun Facts From The Walking Dead

You read our panel report and saw the new trailer — now tremble before some choice tidbits io9 acquired from the cast and crew of The Walking Dead at the Comic-Con press roundtables. Learn about Daryl Dixon's fan clubs' names and the quest to bring an elusive, naked walker to living rooms across the land. » 7/14/12 7:55pm 7/14/12 7:55pm