8 Most Terrifying Tiny Monsters From 1980s Movies

When Gremlins was released in 1984, the horror-comedy and its tiny, cute-gross creatures launched an entire genre of films about tiny terrors. Here are eight other menacing, miniature monsters from the movies that prove size isn't everything, especially when it comes to murdering you. » 2/20/15 10:21am 2/20/15 10:21am

Thank God, It Sounds Like the Gremlins Reboot Has Been Shelved

When we last got an update on this project, Warner Bros. was going full-steam ahead with it. Now, writer Seth Grahame-Smith says the whole thing has been shoved back once again. » 1/19/15 4:30am 1/19/15 4:30am

You Won't Believe Who's Rumored For Star Wars And Batman V. Superman!

Fresh details about Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who premiere. Alec Baldwin may be Mission Impossible 5's CIA Director. And Guillermo del Toro has a weird little project to complete before he finishes Pacific Rim 2. Plus, news from the casts of Heroes Reborn, Arrow, and The Walking Dead. Spoilers now! » 7/11/14 6:00am 7/11/14 6:00am

Gremlins Nearly Had Monkeys in Costumes

An excerpt from Empire's Gremlins reunion is up on the magazine's website, and it includes the story about how they first tried using a monkey dressed as a Mogwai before settling on puppets. There was a lot of poop involved. » 6/26/14 4:00am 6/26/14 4:00am

Perusing the Meat Counter at the Intergalactic Night Market

"The trick to preparing Xenomorph at this life stage," the butcher said as he sawed off another leg, "is to cut out the ovipositor. Otherwise, your dinner's just going to be hungry again in an hour." » 2/18/14 5:00pm 2/18/14 5:00pm

Gremlins returns... in a European Snickers commercial

It's been a long time since the little green monsters of Gremlins have appeared anywhere — too long — so thanks to the Mars company for giving them a chance in their newest Snickers bar commercial, airing in the U.K. and France. And extra credit for using an old-school latex puppet instead of CG! » 1/09/14 11:21am 1/09/14 11:21am

These geeky snowmen turn their yards into a weirder winter wonderland

Sure, you can roll your layers of snowy precipitation into a stack of three balls topped with a top hat—or you can put all that white stuff to a more interesting use. Take your cue from these aliens, robots, and monsters when planning your next snow sculpture. » 12/12/13 3:00pm 12/12/13 3:00pm

Watch Steven Spielberg geek out over Gizmo in lost Gremlins Footage

The B-Movie classic Gremlins may have a lot of pop culture references in it, but the monsters themselves are timeless. And now a new discovered featurette shows us how the sausage was made, with a behind-the-scene look at the very first shot, and monster-happy producer Steven Spielberg popping up on set. » 10/09/13 11:28am 10/09/13 11:28am

Don't Remake These Movies, Film These Books Instead!

Hollywood's addiction to remakes and reboots continues unabated, with dozens of films in development. And meanwhile, bookshelves are straining with hundreds of original, thrilling novels that have never been adapted to the screen. Here's a second dose of our list of books that should be adapted instead of yet another… » 9/27/13 3:16pm 9/27/13 3:16pm

What throwaway movie scene still pisses you off even to this day?

What movie scene (that has absolutely nothing to do with the plot) is so jarring, obtrusive, ridiculous and/or stupid that even to this day it still makes you angry? » 9/17/13 2:00pm 9/17/13 2:00pm

French chapel traded its gargoyles for Gizmo, Gremlins, Grendizer, and…

When the sculpture and stone mason Jean-Louis Boistel set to renovating the Chapelle de Bethléem (Bethlehem Chapel) in Nantes, France, he decided to add some unorthodox decorations to the 15th century church. While some of the newer stone gargoyles (or, to be more accurate, chimeras) adorning the pinnacles are… » 1/26/13 2:00pm 1/26/13 2:00pm

Warner Bros. wants to reboot Gremlins because Mogwais

For several years Gremlins creator Joe Dante threatened to make another sequel to his Mogwai movies, but to no avail. And now it looks like Warner Bros. would rather just reboot the whole franchise without him than pump out a third installment with him. But the idea of a CG-heavy Gremlins fills us with dread. Is this… » 1/17/13 10:20am 1/17/13 10:20am

Peek inside the anatomies of Gremlins, Predators, and Martian Invaders

We've already fallen for Brad McGinty's kaiju Santa cross-sections and xenomorph anatomy t-shirt. Fortunately, McGinty has continued to work with these fantastical physiologies, turning his x-ray vision on a range of movie monsters and aliens. » 9/08/12 3:00pm 9/08/12 3:00pm

Star Wars revels in the Dark Side, with these amazing horror movie…

We've already had zombie Stormtroopers, but a true blend of Star Wars and horror has been too long in arriving. Which is why it's great that one brave gallery is hosting a Death Star Art Show, a blend of Star Wars and horror themes just in time for Halloween. Behold Princess Leia, the Bride of Frankenstein. » 9/29/11 1:54pm 9/29/11 1:54pm

Watch the "Mogwai Brotherhood" meet in the Gremlins video game that…

Take a look at the Gremlins video that was killed off before it ever saw the light of day. And this scene might explain why. Watch as a pack of Mogwai hold their annual meeting within the Himalayan Mountains. Just, oof. » 8/22/11 1:33pm 8/22/11 1:33pm

30 Comic-Con exclusive toys you'll sell your organs for

The cruel economics of Comic-Con dictate that gee-whiz collectibles (produced in ludicrously small quantities) will be rewarded to those who make the pilgrimage to San Diego. Here are the 2011 exclusives destined to whip convention-goers into a rampage. » 7/09/11 11:00am 7/09/11 11:00am

Would you eat Ghostbusters cereal, made with real ghosts?

Artist Ian Glaubinger created some fantastic retro-1980s cereal boxes for some of your favorite movies. But would you dare to add water to your Gremlins cereal? Come to that, would you dare to eat Plutonium-laced Back to the Future bites? » 4/20/11 2:17pm 4/20/11 2:17pm

12 awesome science fiction lunch boxes

Now that you're old enough to pack your own lunch, don't you know that brown-bagging is déclassé? Save a tree and tote your vittles around in these vintage food cubes. When Lee Majors adorns your thermos, nothing can stop you. » 5/26/10 9:00am 5/26/10 9:00am