The Most Explosive Last Five Minutes Ever! on Grimm: Trial By Fire

On Friday's Grimm, Nick and Hank investigate an arson based homicide, that not surprisingly turns out to be wesen related, and need help from someone from Nick's (and the show's) past. Meanwhile, Viktor and Adalind make some progress into tracking down Kelly Burkhardt and finding out who was involved in Diana's… »2/15/15 12:34pm2/15/15 12:34pm


Grimm does another Wesen o' the Week episode, but it does it well

Grimm backtracked a bit after its last two excellent episodes, reverting to the Wesen-o'the-Week formula that it has used so faithfully — and consistently — ceaselessly, one might say — over the last few years. But the spirit of innovation is still kickin', and darned if it isn't used to tell us a story that's more… »1/18/14 12:00pm1/18/14 12:00pm

​Wesen street gangs are Nick's smallest problem on another great Grimm

Look at Grimm! Continuing to shake up its patented, very familiar formula two weeks in a row! The changes still aren't major, and the stakes aren't any higher, but I feel like I'm getting so much more character in these last two episodes, and it's getting me invested in a way i hadn't managed before. »1/11/14 12:00pm1/11/14 12:00pm


Pigs and wolves have a deadly food fight in a weirdly culinary Grimm

There was one simple change in this episode of Grimm that I expect will shape the show through the end of the series. It's a fundamental shift that raises some interesting questions about Nick's dual role and responsibilities as a Grimm and a police officer — I just wish it hadn't been packed into such an otherwise… »11/09/13 3:30pm11/09/13 3:30pm