This is the oldest Maya Calendar Ever Discovered

For years, archaeologists have referred to an ancient set of texts known as the Maya codices to study that ancient civilization's relationship with astronomy and time. But now, a team of archaeologists has discovered a set of murals, hieroglyphs, and astronomical calendars deep in the rainforests of Guatemala, that… » 5/10/12 1:45pm 5/10/12 1:45pm

In Guatemala, you light Satan on fire to celebrate X-Mas

Here's another burly Christmas tradition to complement the Krampuslauf (and the even more obscure veneration of Japanese Robotic Velociraptor Santa Claus). In Guatemala, effigies of Satan are burned on the evening of December 7 to kick off the Christmas season. » 12/25/11 8:05am 12/25/11 8:05am

Xenomorph piglet born in Guatemala

Here's a barnyard beast to join the ranks of the two-headed Armenian cow. In the village of Santa Cruz El Chol, Guatemala, a mutant piglet was born after residents saw curious, hovering lights in the night sky. » 9/04/11 7:30am 9/04/11 7:30am

Tropical storm Agatha opens up massive, horrifying sinkholes in…

No, this image is not Photoshopped. It comes from Guatemala City today, where damage from a tropical storm - including 3 giant sinkholes - has forced 120,000 people to evacuate. Here's how you can help refugees. » 5/31/10 3:21pm 5/31/10 3:21pm