The New Trailer for Gundam Thunderbolt Has All the Space Jazz Action We've Ever Wanted

Recently, we got our first look at Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt, an adaptation of the classic manga of the same name, that might as well be called Mobile Suit Cowboy Bebop. But now we’ve got an extended glimpse, and it’s making us yearn for more space jazz and space robots. CHECK OUT THAT DRUM SOLO. »Wednesday 9:30am11/25/15 9:30am


A New Gundam Anime Means There's New Gundam Toys

Mobile Suit Gundam and model kits go hand in hand—the plastic kits arguably saved the series from obscurity and helped turn it into an anime legend. So inevitably the announcement of a new series in the franchise, naturally, that means there’s a whole slew of gorgeous looking toys to go with it.… »7/16/15 1:00am7/16/15 1:00am

Take A Look At The Inner Workings Of A Gundam With This Great Model Kit

Anyone who's put together a Gundam Model kit know that the models usually house a lot of little pieces and articulation joints within the plastic shell — but this new one tries to show you what would be underneath the armour of an actual Gundam, and looks pretty fabulous while doing so. »3/27/15 5:00am3/27/15 5:00am

A History Of Gundam, The Anime That Defined The Giant Robot Revolution 

Almost four decades ago, Mobile Suit Gundam aired in Japan and changed the way the country looked at giant robots. Here's a brief history of how Gundam established a new genre of anime, changed the way the West consumed Japanese animation, and became a cultural touchstone for the robotics technology of the future. »3/09/15 2:00pm3/09/15 2:00pm

First Glimpse Of Gundam: The Origin Shows The History Of Mobile Suits

Gundam fans have long been looking forward to Gundam Origin, the new anime movie series that charts the earliest days of the fight between Zeon and the Earth Federation — but now that we've got this extended first look at it, we cannot wait to see more of Char Aznable pulling off amazing moves in his Mech. »2/18/15 2:00pm2/18/15 2:00pm

Japanese Office Attacked By Full-Size Gundam In Insane Prank

Japan is known for pulling off some insane — and pants-wettingly terrifying — pranks, but this may take the cake. Someone went through an elaborate amount of trouble (and cost!) to have a 1:1-scale Zaku, the enemy mobile suits from the original Gundam anime, stop by an upper-floor Tokyo office. See for yourself! »1/16/15 9:44am1/16/15 9:44am

Only In Japan Will A Wild Gundam Toyota Auris Appear

Commuting to and from my other job as a junior high school English teacher on the Saitama/Gunma border, I see a lot of really cool cars on the road. Vehicles you can only really find in Japan, especially if they are special editions. Product tie-ins are huge in Japan, and cars are no exception. »9/13/14 3:18pm9/13/14 3:18pm