A beautiful, moody t-shirt to celebrate the Dark Tower novels

If you love Stephen King's Dark Tower novels, this tee is the best possible way to celebrate the lengthening days of autumn. In rich orange and blood red, it manages to be mystical and cool in a way that doesn't require anyone to recognize the Gunslinger to appreciate your sartorial choice. Only available for a few… »11/27/12 1:22pm11/27/12 1:22pm


Before Westworld, Another Robot Gunslinger Walked the Cyber Streets of Laredo

From the recently-posted Life »11/23/08 12:00pm11/23/08 12:00pm magazine archives comes photographic evidence of a pistol-packing robot that predated Michael Crichton’s and Yul Brynner’s by some 13 years. We've got more pictures after the jump. Alas, the archives don’t tell us much more than that the robot was built by Robert Wolfe and that the…