Gwen Stacy Becomes Every Other Marvel Superhero For These Comic Covers

Gwen Stacy has been kicking ass as a Spider-hero recently, but it looks like Marvel is going through a bit of a Gwenaissance lately — and now she's becoming as many Marvel heroes as she can as the theme for this June's variant covers. How many Gwen Stacy portmanteaus can there be? So many. » 4/13/15 9:50am 4/13/15 9:50am

The Mary Janes' Song From Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman Comic Brought To Life

Edge of the Spider-Verse #2 opens with Gwen Stacy playing drums in the Mary Janes, a rock band fronted by none other than Mary Jane Watson. Indie rockers Married With Sea Monsters added a few more lyrics and a tune to the Mary Janes' song "Face It, Tiger" and recorded it for our listening enjoyment. » 9/21/14 4:30pm 9/21/14 4:30pm