Mystical Phenomena Haunt Two Women in the Trailer for H. 

Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia's H. will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival Sunday, January 25th. They've already won a Film Independent Spirit Awards' "Someone To Watch Award" based on the strenght of H. And it is a doozy of a tale, following two women named Helen and the eerie events that follow them… »1/14/15 7:30am1/14/15 7:30am


In Bryan Singer's H+, a deadly virus kills everyone who has brain implants

We've been excited about Bryan Singer's new webseries H+ for a while now, based on the cool premise: Tons of people get a chip called H+ implanted, which connects their brains to the Internet. And then a virus strikes, and a third of the world population dies instantly. And Angel's Alexis Denisof stars! »7/11/12 12:30pm7/11/12 12:30pm

Bryan Singer's New Series Punishes The Net-Needy, Stupid

Superman Returns »11/24/08 9:30am11/24/08 9:30am and director Bryan Singer is coming back to science fiction, with new project - a web-series based around a future worst-case scenario for everyone who spends a little bit too much time online.According to the Hollywood Reporter, , which will be produced by Singer's Bad Hat Harry Productions company…

Transhumanist Tech Is A Boner Pill That Sets Up a Firewall Against Billy Joel

Futurist, prankster, and one-time presidential candidate »11/04/08 10:30am11/04/08 10:30am R.U. Sirius just launched , which is devoted to a transhumanist vision of the future. Though a lot of futurism these days could easily be called dystopianism, the future that Sirius shows us in H+ is hopeful, full of cool futuristic gadgets and genetic cures…