Do we really need more optimistic science fiction?

Noted writer Neal Stephenson has argued that contemporary science fiction is too focused on nihilism and apocalyptic scenarios. The current crop of such works, such as The Walking Dead, are compared rather unfavorably to the hopeful view of the future that was supposed to be common theme in the mid twentieth century. »5/31/12 6:08pm5/31/12 6:08pm

Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi: Humans, Aliens, and Lawyers

Even big time SF authors can't resist doing fanfic. And why not? Our favorite writers are fans just like us. John Scalzi, author of Old Man's War and internet darling, probably read Little Fuzzy by H. Beam Piper as a kid. This tale of humans debating the intelligence of a cute, fuzzy alien species has charmed readers… »5/19/11 5:00pm5/19/11 5:00pm