Most U.S. tuna isn't really tuna, and confusion can lead to oily anal leakage

Here's some unsettling domestic news for any Americans who have grown complacent amidst the beef/horse meat scandal unfolding in Western Europe: here in the U.S., genetic analyses of fish sold in restaurants, grocery stores and sushi outlets recently revealed 59% of the fish labeled "tuna" at restaurants and grocery… »2/25/13 12:40pm2/25/13 12:40pm

New DNA analysis reveals what cavemen were really painting 35,000 years ago

The artistic skill and attention to detail on display in prehistoric cave paintings is nothing short of astonishing, but one unsolved mystery is whether prehistoric humans simply painted exactly what the saw, or if the art was more symbolic. And recently, we've come a lot closer to answering that question. »11/08/11 4:31pm11/08/11 4:31pm