Just £10,000 can now get you a full-body morphsuit Tattoo, because WHY

Morphsuits have become an easy and relatively cheap way of getting a costume together - but have you ever thought about skipping the spandex and just tattooing the suit onto your body? No? Well, if you ever do and have ten grand to spare, the original company behind the morphsuit offer such a service. » 10/24/14 6:04am Today 6:04am

These 'sexy' Lord of the Rings costume designs aren't what you'd expect

It's less than 10 days to go till Halloween, and that means there's weird, wonderful and just plain awful 'sexy' costumes out on shelves everywhere - but this trio of lovely Lord of the Rings-themed designs by MJ Alexander are for characters who don't usually get the Sexy treatment. » 10/22/14 5:07pm Wednesday 5:07pm

These rompers just made your Female Ghostbusters cosplay a lot easier

We're hitting the half-way point for October soon, which means it's time to start thinking about your Halloween costume (or rather, panicking that you've not started thinking about your costume yet!) - but never fear, ladies: your Female Ghostbusters outfit just got a lot easier to pull off with these new rompers. » 10/13/14 11:33am 10/13/14 11:33am

The First Jack-O-Lanterns Were Monstrosities Carved From Turnips

Pumpkin carving has become such a cherished tradition that the sight of the glowing, orange-faced grimaces every October is more heartening than frightening. But the original Jack-o-Lanterns were meant to ward off unwanted visitors—and one look at them in museums tells you they probably worked. » 10/10/14 3:00pm 10/10/14 3:00pm