These rompers just made your Female Ghostbusters cosplay a lot easier

We're hitting the half-way point for October soon, which means it's time to start thinking about your Halloween costume (or rather, panicking that you've not started thinking about your costume yet!) - but never fear, ladies: your Female Ghostbusters outfit just got a lot easier to pull off with these new rompers. » 10/13/14 11:33am 10/13/14 11:33am

The First Jack-O-Lanterns Were Monstrosities Carved From Turnips

Pumpkin carving has become such a cherished tradition that the sight of the glowing, orange-faced grimaces every October is more heartening than frightening. But the original Jack-o-Lanterns were meant to ward off unwanted visitors—and one look at them in museums tells you they probably worked. » 10/10/14 3:00pm 10/10/14 3:00pm