Chinese science fiction is influenced by SF from Japan... and the USSR

People often tend to think of science fiction authors outside of Europe and the United States primarily being influenced by English-language authors like H.G. Wells or Isaac Asimov. And those authors did have an impact — but the rich history of global science fiction also includes lots of cultural interchange among… »5/09/13 2:38pm5/09/13 2:38pm


Science fiction novels rule a China where development leaves people feeling "surreal and confused"

There's a great rundown of the current state of Chinese science fiction books over at Global Times. Among other things, this is the third boom in SF book publishing in China — the first two being the late 19th century, with translations of Jules Verne, and the second being the years right after the death of Mao and… »1/07/13 7:04pm1/07/13 7:04pm

China's most popular science fiction is about a world ruled by China

In the West, you commonly hear science fiction authors claiming that it's impossible to write about the near future — the march of technology and the rise of new advances make predictions a futile endeavour. But Chinese science fiction has no such inhibition, according to a new article in the L.A. Times — and for the… »3/26/12 2:49pm3/26/12 2:49pm