Ambidextrous people are easier to manipulate than right-handed people

About 90% of people use their right hand for almost all activities, while the remaining 10% is split between the left-handed and the ambidextrous, people who use either hand with equal comfort. But these "inconsistent-handers" pay a price for their ability to use either hand - a truly bizarre study has discovered that… »2/21/11 4:30pm2/21/11 4:30pm

Parrots hold the evolutionary secret of why we're left-handed or right-handed

Almost everybody has a dominant hand that they use, but it's actually a mystery why that is. After all, we can see both of our hands just as well, and there's no built-in reason why one should work better than the other. But some grabby parrots might hold the deep evolutionary reason behind handedness. »2/01/11 8:34pm2/01/11 8:34pm