Everything you always wanted to know about the social behavior of wasps

Wasps are among the most fascinating creatures in the insect world. Their nests are incredible architectural achievements, which they often make by manufacturing their own paper out of leaves. Many of them live in vast hives, sometimes with multiple queens, while others are loner parasites who implant their eggs… »1/04/12 5:58pm1/04/12 5:58pm


The rise and fall of ammonites, Cthulhuian creatures who once ruled the seas

In this interview with American Museum of Natural History paleontologist Neil Landman, you'll learn about the ammonites, incredible, ancient creatures who looked like a cross between squid and snail — and once ruled the seas in massive numbers, until they were finally wiped out by the same catastrophe that destroyed… »8/19/11 10:40am8/19/11 10:40am