How is Google involved in James Frey's YA book and movie deal?

James Frey, the writer notorious for his not-quite-factual memoir A Million Little Pieces, just landed a $2 million deal with Fox for the movie rights to his upcoming young adult novel, Endgame. But how is Google involved in this Hunger Games-esque project? » 1/14/14 7:20am 1/14/14 7:20am

Mainstream Publisher Harper-Collins Launches Scifi Imprint

Many big publishers like Random House have what are called "imprints," or divisions in the publishing house with their own brand and specialization. And now Harper Collins, a major publisher, has announced it's creating a new scifi imprint called Angry Robot, which will publish 2-3 books per month starting in July 2009.… » 9/11/08 11:25am 9/11/08 11:25am