Who Can Stop Harry Potter's Reign of Terror? 

A little creative editing, a bit of horror music—that’s all that’s needed to prove Harry Potter is one of cinema’s great villains. Check out the fan-made “The Boy Who Kills,” where Harry terrifies the inhabitants of Hogwarts, mutilates the innocent Dursleys, and grins evilly as Ron Weasley is dragged to his doom. » 8/27/15 7:00am Thursday 7:00am

Has Filming A Movie And Its Sequel Back-to-Back Ever Had a Good Result?

James Cameron wants to film three sequels to his mega-hit Avatar, all in one go. This sounds like a hugely ambitious undertaking—but he’s not the first director to try this. There have been some disasters, but also a few triumphs. Here’s our complete history of people directing a movie and its sequel back-to-back. » 7/31/15 10:31am 7/31/15 10:31am

The Perfect Jumping-On Point For Cecilia Tan's Sexy Magic University!

What if Hogwarts only had students 18 and over? And there was a lot more sex? Then you might get something like Magic University, the series written by erotic SF mastermind Cecilia Tan. And now, a new anthology of short fiction provides the perfect way to discover this world for yourself.
» 6/17/15 7:00pm 6/17/15 7:00pm

What's The Most Annoying "Idiot Plot" Ever Created?

We all enjoy watching good-looking, brave people make stupid decisions — that’s why we go to the movies, after all. But some movies push this just a little too far, venturing into “idiot plot” territory — meaning that the plot only works if the characters are idiots. What’s the worst “idiot plot” you’ve ever seen? » 4/30/15 2:12pm 4/30/15 2:12pm

The Science Behind The World's Most Vomitous Jelly Bean Flavors

Harry Potter is the reason Jelly Belly started making its beans in flavors like vomit, earthworm, and rotten egg. Given the candy’s literary origins, fictional creator Bertie Bott would presumably be especially proud of the new “Stinky Socks” variety. But how do you craft a flavor based on something that isn’t edible? » 4/02/15 12:44pm 4/02/15 12:44pm