"Magic Is Privilege": The Insidious System At The Heart Of Harry Potter

Every year, the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (ICFA) delves into the themes and ideas of science fiction and fantasy. And this year, according to attendee Cecilia Tan, one big topic was the idea that Harry Potter's Wizarding World is "a metaphor for racism." » 3/30/15 11:18am Monday 11:18am

Why I Revisit My Childhood Favorites All the Time

I watch a lot of television and read a lot of books. I don't think that's going to shock a lot of people. It's literally part of my job. I'm at the point where no one really questions how much I watch or read. But the secret is: I spend way more time revisiting old favorites rather than new things. » 3/27/15 3:00am Friday 3:00am

A New J.K. Rowling Bibliography Unearths Harry Potter Secrets

It's not a biography, it's a bibliography, but a new book about J.K. Rowling is so detailed the author herself calls it "slavishly thorough and somewhat mind-boggling." The reference volume aims to be the definitive publishing history of the Harry Potter series. » 2/28/15 2:00pm 2/28/15 2:00pm

This Dress Printed With The First Chapter of Harry Potter Is Pure Genius

We've seen all kinds of fandom clothing over the years, but they tend to focus very heavily on art and photos. This dress is all about the words. The very first words, in fact, that started the whole Harry Potter series. » 2/25/15 3:00am 2/25/15 3:00am

12 Biggest Blunders That Evil Wizards Make

There's nothing more awesome than an evil wizard. Commanding the forces of darkness, chewing the scenery, wielding objects of terrible power... it's a great gig. But it's not one with a lot of job security. Here are 12 terrible mistakes that evil wizards always end up making, which prove their downfall. » 2/23/15 10:00am 2/23/15 10:00am

Posters of Classic Movies, Boiled Down to Circles

Harry Potter Re-Cut To Tell Snape's Story Is Crushingly Sad 

Watch a recut of Harry Potter as told from the point of view of Severus Snape. Old conversations take new shape — for example, when Remus tells Harry a story about his mother and how she could always see the beauty in people — and it's absolutely crushing. » 2/12/15 9:20am 2/12/15 9:20am

Just in time for spy week: CIA veteran Lynn Boughey and International Spy Museum executive director Peter Earnest's book Harry Potter and the Art of Spying, which analyzes the spy techniques in J.K. Rowling's fantasy novels, is free today on Kindle. » 2/11/15 1:50pm 2/11/15 1:50pm

J.K. Rowling's Hand-Written Outline For Harry Potter Book 5 Is Amazing

Just how carefully did J.K. Rowling plot out her Harry Potter novels? Incredibly carefully, it turns out. Behold a chapter-by-chapter spreadsheet of Order of the Phoenix, covering the prophecy, Ginny and Cho, Snape, and a bunch of other stuff. » 1/29/15 12:40pm 1/29/15 12:40pm

The Difference Between A Great Twist And A Mediocre Twist

Everybody loves a surprise. Our movies, TV shows, books and other media are constantly pulling rabbits out of hats and revealing that the truth is something other than what we believed. But some twists are better than others — and here's the crucial difference. » 1/28/15 12:41pm 1/28/15 12:41pm

The New Illustrated Harry Potter Books Have Glorious Character Portraits

The first fully-illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone will hit the shelves on October 6th, and now we're getting a glimpse at how some of our favorite characters will look when that day comes. » 1/14/15 12:30am 1/14/15 12:30am

10 Flashbacks That Totally Changed Our Favorite Stories

A great story has lots of layers, and a rich backstory. When you only see part of the picture, you might reach a snap judgment about what's going on — but then you see events from years ago, that make you rethink everything. Here are 10 flashbacks that turn your understanding of a story upside-down. » 12/29/14 10:25am 12/29/14 10:25am

10 Story Decisions Scifi And Fantasy Writers Ended Up Regretting

There are writers who disown entire books after they've written them, but sometimes writers like their stories on the whole, but feel a twinge of regret over one a small (or not-so-small) detail. Here are a few decisions that the writers, in hindsight, wished they had thought through a little better. » 12/24/14 10:00am 12/24/14 10:00am

What Fanfiction Do You Re-Read Again And Again?

We all have books that we pull out and thumb through the dog-eared pages of, over and over. But sometimes works created by fans can have just as much sticking power. Which fanfiction do you find yourself returning to over and over again, to revisit your favorite parts? » 12/22/14 2:27pm 12/22/14 2:27pm

JK Rowling Confirms 'Of Course' There Were LGBT Students At Hogwarts

In a tweet response that really should surprise no one, Harry Potter author JK Rowling has officially confirmed that yes, there were indeed lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students at Hogwarts. In fact, the only group she didn't imagine existing at the wizarding academy were Wiccans. Sorry, neopagans! » 12/17/14 7:59pm 12/17/14 7:59pm

The One Character JK Rowling Regrets Killing—It's Not Who You'd Expect

The Harry Potter books are packed with heartbreaking deaths. Friends, family members, and mentors all march off to the literary guillotine over the course of the series. There is one character, however, that author J.K. Rowling regrets killing—and it's a bit of a surprise. » 12/16/14 12:20pm 12/16/14 12:20pm

11 Fan Theories That Are Better Than The Actual Story

Fan theories can be wonderful and strange, but sometimes a fan will come up with an idea that's even better than the official story. Here are just some of the fan theories that actually make a lot of sense—and would actually improve the stories they come from. » 12/09/14 10:07am 12/09/14 10:07am

J.K. Rowling To Release 12 New Harry Potter Short Stories This Month

J.K. Rowling just dropped a huge holiday gift to her fans. The writer is about to put out 12 additional Harry Potter stories this month! » 12/05/14 4:00pm 12/05/14 4:00pm

Sotheby's Is Auctioning These Rare Tolkien Illustrations

British auction house Sotheby's is gearing up for a huge sale of "antiquarian books and manuscripts from an English country house" December 9. The collection includes several items that you'll wish you could have for your library. » 12/03/14 1:40pm 12/03/14 1:40pm

These Interactive Illustrations Make Harry Potter Even More Magical

We've seen the magic of Harry Potter played out on the big screen, but artist Kincső Nagy wanted to add her own visual magic to the books themselves. So she created an edition the books that glow in the dark, with simple but effective pop-up illustrations. » 12/03/14 1:20pm 12/03/14 1:20pm