9 Star Wars Toys That Were Canceled Before Anybody Could Buy Them

Star Wars merchandising is infamous for making a toy out of almost everything in the movies and beyond. That fervor is something we’ll be seeing again next month, when new toys for The Force Awakens come out. But not every Star Wars toy planned has actually been released! Here are nine that never saw the light of day. »8/18/15 10:00am8/18/15 10:00am

Your Updated Guide To Every Leaked Star Wars: The Force Awakens Toy

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a few months away, but there’s less than a month until its Toys hit shelves across the world—and that means until then, toys will inevitably leak their way onto the internet before release. Here’s your guide to every leak so far, with rolling updates as and when they happen. »8/14/15 4:30am8/14/15 4:30am

An Even Better Look At Marvel's Comic-Con Action Figures

Comic-Con 2015 is over—but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t news coming from out of the Con. We brought you pictures of some of Marvel’s newly-announced toys revealed at San Diego from the show floor, but Hasbro have now released promotional images for all of their new reveals for you to get a better look.… »7/13/15 9:50am7/13/15 9:50am

Hasbro Reveals New Marvel And Transformers Toys—Including Spider-Gwen!

Hasbro’s Comic-Con breakfast has arrived, and with it, a plethora of new toys to gawp at. The company has unveiled some brand new figures in both its Marvel and Transformers lines, while they’re all pretty smashing, the best news of all is that the fabulous Spider-Gwen is getting her own toy! »7/09/15 10:40am7/09/15 10:40am

You Get to Choose the Next Star Wars Black Series Figure

For many years, Hasbro has polled its Star Wars fanbase to create special “Fan Choice” figures—usually for characters who wouldn’t be considered for figures. For the first time this year they’re bringing the concept to their 6-inch Black Series line, and voting is now open for you to decide who gets immortalised in… »7/03/15 1:00am7/03/15 1:00am

The All-Female Transformers Team Is Coming To Your Toy Shelf, Too

When Hasbro’s team of all-female Transformers arrives (and sends irrational people everywhere into conniptions about gender roles in Cybertronian society), they won’t just be hitting the comics: Hasbro has announced a second Transformers exclusive toy for San Diego Comic Con, and it’s all about the ladies. »6/10/15 10:00pm6/10/15 10:00pm