Cylon Raider Is The Answer To All Our Future-Car Needs

I've gotten a bit jaded about "car of the future" designs, but I kind of love this scale model of the BMW of 2015, which won BMW's design challenge. Partly because it deconstructs the traditional image of a car, but mostly because it looks like a Cylon raider, sort of. Students Jai Ho Yoo and Lukas Vanek, at Turin's… »8/12/08 1:37pm8/12/08 1:37pm

Grimy Viking-Monster Battle Movie Still Has No U.S. Release Date

Here's a new still from Outlander that showcases its awesome mix of Viking regalia, space armor and dirt. This saga about vikings fighting a space monster, starring Jim Caviezel, just debuted at Cannes and has a release date in France and Russia, but the U.S. release date remains shrouded in mystery. A gallery of new… »6/02/08 3:49pm6/02/08 3:49pm

20 Total Bots In Transformers 2 — Including One Major Surprise

The sequel to Michael Bay's supercar movie Transformers will up the ante, with 20 transforming robots total: 10 good bots and 10 evil ones, says writer Roberto Orci. And some new photos of the Transformers 2 filming may give some clues to which characters from the Transformers universe could be showing up, including… »6/02/08 11:20am6/02/08 11:20am