The Most Deadly American Landslide Was Strangely Normal

The landslide in March of this year that buried the community of Oso, Washington killed 43 people. That makes it the deadliest landslide in American history, and yet it happened in almost totally unremarkable circumstances. So, what happened and can we do to reduce the risk of future landslides? » 7/23/14 6:10pm 7/23/14 6:10pm

How To Recognize The Signs of an Impending Landslide

Your odds of death by landslide are one in a million per year. If you get caught in one, you can't do much to increase your odds of survival. Luckily, landslides frequently give warning before collapsing. These are a few precursors to a landslide, telling you to run before it's too late. » 5/02/14 3:49pm 5/02/14 3:49pm