Only 81% of Seattle Kindergartners Have Been Vaccinated for Polio

“That’s lower than the 2013 polio immunization rates for 1-year-olds in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Algeria, El Salvador, Guyana, Sudan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Yemen, among other countries, according to data from the World Health Organization,” Seattle public radio station KUOW reports. This in the same state where a… » 7/16/15 5:00pm 7/16/15 5:00pm

How to Stay Healthy Before, During, And After a Convention

Every year hundreds of thousands of people head to conventions to talk tech, gaming, geek culture, even knitting! By the end, attendees walk out with swag, intel, and sometimes a rather nasty cold. Protect yourself from the infamous “con crud” and leave these gatherings scot free.http://lifehacker.com/everything-you... » 7/09/15 6:01pm 7/09/15 6:01pm

Brain-Eating Amoebas Have Struck Again in Minnesota

It’s July, and, like clockwork, brain-eating amoebas are back in the news. Last week, the deadly parasite Naegleria fowleri, which thrives in warm bodies of fresh water, claimed the life of a 21-year-old woman from Inyo County, California. Now a child in Minnesota is believed to have developed primary amebic… » 7/08/15 5:06pm 7/08/15 5:06pm

Report Finds WHO Unfit To Confront Public Health Emergencies Like Ebola

In the wake of West Africa’s Ebola crisis, an independent panel assembled at the request of World Health Organization director Margaret Chan has judged the WHO unfit “to deliver a full emergency public health response,” finding that it has neither “the capacity [nor] organizational culture” to do so. » 7/07/15 4:33pm 7/07/15 4:33pm

An American Has Died From Measles for the First Time Since 2003

A woman in Clallam County, Washington has died of measles. It is the first U.S. death since 2003 to be attributed to the highly infectious disease. State health officials say the woman’s case “illustrates the importance of immunizing as many people as possible to provide a high level of community protection against… » 7/02/15 1:18pm 7/02/15 1:18pm

XKCD Tips Its Hat to the Microbiome (and so Should You)

When was the last time you thanked the bugs in your belly? Even if the concept of a “healthy” microbiome is flawed, the trillions of microorganisms living in your gut (and mouth, and vagina, and nose, etc.) play a vital role in many of your body’s functions. They’re so essential, many refer to the microbiome as an… » 6/26/15 10:40am 6/26/15 10:40am

About That Ultramarathon You've Been Meaning To Run

A recently conducted study concludes that that when extreme athletes (like ultramarathoners) overextend themselves, their guts can leak microbes into their blood stream, “poisoning” their blood and triggering a harmful inflammatory immune response. Scientific American’s Christopher Intagliata has more details. » 6/22/15 10:20am 6/22/15 10:20am

Once Again, The Media Is Overhyping The Health Benefits Of Chocolate

“There does not appear to be evidence that chocolate should be avoided in terms of impact on cardiovascular risk.” So conclude the authors of a report published Monday in the august medical journal Heart. Their takeaway is decidedly unsexy (takeaways from well-conducted health studies, which the aforementioned… » 6/16/15 2:27pm 6/16/15 2:27pm

Recipient Of World's First Successful Penis Transplant Is A Father-To-Be

In March, the recipient of the world’s first successful penis transplant was said to have “made a full recovery and... regained all function,” based on his ability to urinate, produce an erection, orgasm, and ejaculate with his recently grafted member. Now, his girlfriend is pregnant. Fully functional, indeed. » 6/11/15 1:40pm 6/11/15 1:40pm