IBM's Watson Could Offer Customized Treatment To Every Cancer Patient

Rather than relying on carpet-bombing approaches like chemotherapy and radiation treatments, cutting-edge cancer cures are looking more towards a surgical strike, tailored to shutting down the mutations that are driving growth. And the secret weapon in that fight might just be a well-known Jeopardy contestant. »5/07/15 3:00am5/07/15 3:00am

Anti-Obamacare Ads Backfired, Says A New Statistical Analysis

Opponents of the Affordable Care Act have spent an estimated $450 million on political ads attacking the law, outspending supporters of Obamacare 15-to-1. But a state-by-state comparison of negative ads and enrollment figures suggests the attacks ads actually increased public awareness of the healthcare program. »7/14/14 12:20pm7/14/14 12:20pm

Want some free, anonymous health care? Try your local U.S. Health Department.

Don't have a job with health insurance benefits? Lose your job and can't afford a COBRA plan? Regardless of the situation (and even if you are insured), you can still get care, and you should. What you may not have realized is that your local health department provides a level of basic care for a nominal (or free)… »9/29/11 11:30am9/29/11 11:30am