Synthetic weed may cause heart attacks, but it's tough to ban

Spice, Blaze, K2, Red X Dawn. Any of them sound familiar? They're different brands of synthetic pot — psychoactive drugs (commonly marketed in head shops as incense) which contain chemicals that, much like the THC in marijuana, act on the cannabinoid receptors in your brain. Sounds peachy, right? There's a catch.… »7/18/12 1:25pm7/18/12 1:25pm


Your own heart could provide the stem cells to fix itself

How's this for cool? Cells harvested from your heart could provide the necessary mechanism to repair itself after a heart attack. A new technique called CADUCEUS (CArdiosphere-Derived aUtologous stem CElls to reverse ventricUlar dySfunction) (which, as an aside, is the most grasping attempt at an acronym outside of a… »2/18/12 12:00pm2/18/12 12:00pm

Man has heart attack while eating at The Heart Attack Grill

If you weigh over 350 pounds, you can eat at the Heart Attack Grill for free (according to the Las Vegas eatery's slogan). But if you should keel over, gripping your chest in agony, while scarfing down a triple bypass burger (that's what the monstrosity pictured up top is called), don't expect any of the scantily clad »2/16/12 5:10pm2/16/12 5:10pm

3500-year-old mummy of an Egyptian princess reveals the first known case of coronary artery disease

Meet Princess Ahmose-Meryet-Amon, an Egyptian princess who lived between the years of 1580 and 1550 BCE, and is officially the oldest known case of coronary artery disease. A group of researchers from Egypt and the USA has come together and performed CT scans on a number of mummies, and shown that ancient royals had… »5/18/11 11:30am5/18/11 11:30am

Implantable Wi-Fi network Invented, Dennis Quaid Flies Into Jealous Rage

It's been 21 years since Dennis Quaid pioneered the field of implantable communications technology by sending traveler's dispatches from inside Martin Short's body (and briefly Meg Ryan's too, hubba hubba!) in Innerspace. Now, Dennis, it seems you've been outdone. The UK's Office of Communications has just issued a … »5/08/08 12:30pm5/08/08 12:30pm