What Casting Choice Sounded Terrible At First, But Turned Out Great?

Sometimes, a casting announcement will make our eyes roll, but it's a real treat when an actor we couldn't see in a particular part blows us away with a stellar performance. Which actor surprised you the most in a role you didn't think they could pull off? » 8/13/14 3:30pm 8/13/14 3:30pm

Look inside the pages of Heath Ledger's "Joker Diary"

When Heath Ledger was preparing to play the Joker in The Dark Knight, he locked himself in a hotel room for a month and put together a diary of inspirations for the role. Here's a tantalizing glimpse at that diary, from a French documentary. » 5/31/13 3:18pm 5/31/13 3:18pm

The Weird but True History of Sin Eaters

In 18th and 19th Century Scotland, families placed a piece of bread on the breasts of their dying loved ones. That’s not the strange part — the families then hired someone to eat the bread, believing that the practice would somehow absolve the sins of the deceased. Where did this strange ritual come from? And what… » 4/30/13 12:40pm 4/30/13 12:40pm

This goofy scene from A Knight's Tale recreates history far better than…

When A Knight's Tale came out in 2001, critics snarked about how director Brian Helgeland used contemporary rock music in a medieval jousting flick. But this opening scene, with peasants dancing to Queen at a jousting match, is one of the greatest examples of historical recreation you'll ever see. » 3/15/13 1:17pm 3/15/13 1:17pm

What would it take to be Bane? A Dark Knight Rises infographic

Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy was a huge, crazy ride that included a ton of defining performances, from Michael Caine to Heath Ledger — and yet, Tom Hardy's growling sociopath Bane still stands out. Tomorrow, The Dark Knight Rises comes out on DVD and Blu-ray and you can relive the chaos. But in the meantime, you… » 12/03/12 1:17pm 12/03/12 1:17pm

Christopher Nolan originally approached Heath Ledger to play Bruce Wayne

Hard to imagine now — but Christopher Nolan's first conversations with Heath Ledger were actually about playing Batman, not the Joker. But Ledger told Nolan that "he'd never do this kinda film," according to a talk Nolan gave last night at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. But by the time came that Nolan was casting… » 11/29/12 3:33pm 11/29/12 3:33pm

Imaginarium Concept Art Is Like Monty Python Without Giant Feet

You sort of expect concept art from a Terry Gilliam movie to be even more anarchic and topsy-turvy than the movie itself. And newly released Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus concept art doesn't disappoint. » 12/22/09 9:30am 12/22/09 9:30am

The Existential Loneliness That Unites Batman and the Joker

A university lecturer in philosophy suggests that Gotham's hero and its worst villain share an unwilling awareness of society's fragility — and a profound isolation from others as a result. We're pretty sure we knew this, but validation is nice. » 12/06/09 11:00am 12/06/09 11:00am

Eight New Dr. Parnassus Clips Take Us Deeper Behind the Looking Glass

A new crop of clips from The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus show us snatches of Heath Ledger's final performance and those of the actors who replaced him. But more than that, they take us inside Terry Gilliam's beautifully surreal mindscape. » 10/28/09 10:30am 10/28/09 10:30am

Tom Waits' Devil Beckons You To Enter Terry Gilliam's Dada Dreamscape,…

Terry Gilliam's Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus may or may not wind up making sense, but at least its visuals represent a return to his surrealistic, mind-melty glory days, judging from some new images of Farrell, Ledger, Law, Depp... and Waits. » 9/10/09 10:00am 9/10/09 10:00am

The Latest Doctor Parnassus Trailer Shows The New Faces Of Heath…

New The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus trailer shows the first new faces for Tony, who had to be recast after Heath Ledger's sad passing, so actors Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell all stepped up. » 8/12/09 7:00am 8/12/09 7:00am

Heath Ledger's Final Film Gets an Acid Trip Trailer

The first trailer for Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus explains little more about the plot behind Heath Ledger's final bow. But it does offer glimpses of the flying jellyfish, neon motels, and Christopher Plummer-shaped balloons filling Gilliam's world. » 8/08/09 1:00pm 8/08/09 1:00pm

2009 Oscars Unsurprising... But At Least Wolverine Serenaded Batman

By now, you already know that Heath Ledger posthumously won Best Supporting Actor in last night's Oscars, but who else discovered a new golden friend? We look back at last night's winners (and losers). » 2/23/09 4:00pm 2/23/09 4:00pm

The Verdict on the New Heath Ledger-Inspired Joker Graphic Novel

If you’re not familiar with Brian Azzarello, the scribe behind DC’s new Joker » 10/24/08 4:47pm 10/24/08 4:47pm comic, you can get all the information you need just from the name of his most notable work, . Yes, the Azz is known for his liberal deployment of violence, and it’s a quality that befits this new graphic novel—one that conspicuously jumps…

Ledger's Joker To Get Best Supporting Oscar Nod?

Warner Bros has confirmed that they are going to be campaigning for Heath Ledger to be nominated for, and to win, a posthumous Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Dark Knight » 10/19/08 6:00am 10/19/08 6:00am - becoming on the seventh actor to be nominated for an Oscar after their death - but some are complaining that his Joker…

Why We Deserve Better Villains — And How To Get Them

Why are people still so crazed over Heath Ledger's Joker after a month in theaters? Maybe because he's the first villain we've seen in ages who didn't kind of lick. The problem of villain suckage is endemic in heroic narratives, where villains get redeemed, become sympathetic, or lose their menace too easily. We've… » 8/20/08 3:41pm 8/20/08 3:41pm

Ledger's Last Film No Dark Knight Easy Sell, Says Studio

Heath Ledger's death gave The Dark Knight » 8/18/08 6:30am 8/18/08 6:30am some buzz, though for tragic reasons. But the makers of Ledger's final movie, Terry Gilliam's , are concerned that even rumors of an Oscar nomination for the deceased actor can't help their movie find a US distributor.According to , potential distributors drawn in by the…

See the Sketches That Captured The Crazy

The Dark Knight concept art from legendary comics artist Bill Sienkiewicz shows Heath Ledger's Joker looking more crazed than ever. Sienkiewicz was the go-to guy for TDK, and it's no wonder. He pretty much captures exactly why the Joker is the scariest of all in Gotham. His concept drawings are pretty much a spot-on… » 7/21/08 10:55am 7/21/08 10:55am

The Dark Knight Twice As Long As It Should Be

After all the hype and buzz, The Dark Knight turns out to be a taut, morally ambiguous crime drama that shies away for superhero schtick in favor of something more understated and suspenseful. As long as you leave the movie somewhere around the halfway point. If you stay for the whole thing, then be prepared to put up… » 7/18/08 12:00pm 7/18/08 12:00pm

Batman's Best Friend Reveals Villain Of Third Bat-Movie

What Bat-menace will grace the big screen in the next Batman movie to come after Dark Knight? Gary Oldman, who plays good cop Jim Gordon, and director Christopher Nolan spilled the beans in an interview. But Nolan also hinted he may not be around to complete his Bat-trilogy. Also, they addressed the tricky issue of… » 6/30/08 8:40am 6/30/08 8:40am