12 Fictional Afterlives That Are Worse Than Hell

Sometimes fire and brimstone might not be the worst things greeting you in the Afterlife. Here's our list of fictional Purgatories and Heavens — that would actually be worse than being plunged into Hellfire for all eternity. » 4/24/13 11:46am 4/24/13 11:46am

Belief in an angry God is the strongest predictor of a country's crime…

When it comes to predicting a country's crime rate, sociologists typically look at such factors as income inequality and GDP. But new research suggests that a better place to look might be inside the religious beliefs of the population — or more accurately, their belief in Hell and the prospect of eternal damnation. » 6/20/12 10:40am 6/20/12 10:40am

A Fine Line Between Heaven and Earth in Lovely Bones Trailer

The full trailer for The Lovely Bones has been released, bringing with it Peter Jackson's often surreal vision of the afterlife. It's a place where fantastical dreams spring to life, and where the living world continues to haunt the dead. » 8/05/09 10:30am 8/05/09 10:30am

A Ship in a Bottle Crashes into Peter Jackson's Heaven

As murder victim Susie Salmon watches her family from heaven, the afterlife takes the shape of her dreams and desires. In the first video teaser, Peter Jackson fills Susie's heaven, glimmering alpine scenes, and an enormous ship in a bottle. » 8/04/09 1:40pm 8/04/09 1:40pm