Behold The Psychedelic Glory Of Jack Kirby's Argo Art, In Color At Last

Last month, Heavy Metal magazine announced it would be bringing color versions of Jack Kirby’s iconic Lord of Light (and later Operation Argo) art to print the very first time. Before that happens though, io9 is proud to reveal some of the images — as well as how you can get your hands on prints of it at SDCC this… »6/19/15 2:24pm6/19/15 2:24pm

See Jack Kirby's Incredible Argo Art In Color For The First Time

Comics legend Jack Kirby is responsible for some of the most iconic comic book creations of all time, and some of it helped to smuggle six Americans out of Iran as part of Operation Argo. Now you’ll finally get a chance to see this artwork in color for the first time, courtesy of Heavy Metal’s August issue. »5/25/15 9:30am5/25/15 9:30am

The Heavy Metal TV series to bring scifi sex 'n violence to the U.S.

With its second season almost wrapped, the 2012 French TV series Metal Hurlant Chronicles — based on the adult scifi/fantasy magazine we know as Heavy Metal — will finally premiere on the Syfy Channel this April. There's slave girls, spaceships, and guys with swords trying to take out giant robots. Interested? »2/26/14 1:44pm2/26/14 1:44pm

Top 7 Most Metal Science Fiction Premises

Science fiction and heavy metal rub up against each other in many ways. They're both implicitly concerned with technology — metal has machine rhythms and electric instruments. They both grapple with difficult questions about human nature. And both canons include huge swathes of art that focuses on the grossest,… »9/20/12 10:02am9/20/12 10:02am