The end of Harry Potter leaves hundreds of pet owls homeless

When Harry Potter first appeared in books and on screen alongside his loyal owl Hedwig, many folks were so charmed that they ran out and bought pet owls of their very own. But know that the books and movies have run their course, the magic of owning a nocturnal bird has worn off, and hundreds of owls are landing in… »5/20/12 11:30am5/20/12 11:30am


A snowy owl makes the trip from the Arctic to Hawaii, where it is promptly shot

Every few years, beautiful two-foot-tall snowy owls migrate south in impressive numbers from the Arctic, in what bird watchers call an "irruption." But this year, the regal-looking birds (which belong to the same species as Harry Potter's Hedwig) are showing up farther south and in greater numbers than ever before. »1/24/12 3:49pm1/24/12 3:49pm