Doctor Who really does need more female writers

There hasn't been a woman writing for Doctor Who in several years — and you can make a strong argument the BBC's famous time-travel show has suffered as a result. Over at the Guardian, there's a pretty compelling article about the lack of women writing for Who, and why this matters. » 3/27/13 2:13pm 3/27/13 2:13pm

Sergey Brin Riverdances With Alien Warriors On Doctor Who

When Russell T. Davies (Queer As Folk) first brought the BBC's time-traveling family adventure series Doctor Who back from oblivion, it was just as fresh and exciting as everyone had hoped. New mysteries about the "time war" replaced stale old mythology, and the Doctor was traveling with someone who still had friends and … » 4/28/08 4:33pm 4/28/08 4:33pm