Helena Bonham-Carter fires her tattooed cannon leg in the new trailer for Lone Ranger

So, is any part of The Lone Ranger television show in the Lone Ranger movie? Don't get us wrong: Gore Verbinski's version of a Western is wickedly insane. But after witnessing Helena Bonham-Carter shoot cannon balls from her tattooed fake leg, we have to wonder when will they be shooting rounds of some original canon… »3/13/13 6:52pm3/13/13 6:52pm

Helena Bonham Carter Reveals How Her Crazy Will Be Used In Terminator 4

Staple crazy character actor Helena Bonham Carter opened up to Sci Fi Wire about her role in McG's Terminator: Salvation. »8/05/08 10:30am8/05/08 10:30am And guess what? She plays kind of a nutty character. Apparently she was a last-minute replacement for Tilda Swinton. Click through for slightly spoilery details on H.B.C.'s newest loon character,…

Crazy Helena Bonham Carter Rocking The Goth Style In Terminator 4

Helena Bonham Carter may be lending her dark, crazy-lady charm to the war between humans and machines in the next Terminator movie, Terminator: Salvation. Reuters reported Carter is "in talks" to play a small but pivotal role . We know she can't resist the chance to show Victorian-style cleavage, but how will that… »6/30/08 4:40pm6/30/08 4:40pm